3D Print Head Adjustment

Hi I’m new at #D printing. I just had my Ender3 all fixed with upgrade to ABL. I had put the new G-Code in after I had printed a test piece. Now the hot End is about 1/4 inch above the bed. I do not know if I should
raise the bed as it was just leveled. Does someone know What I should do first. Thanks Mike

Levelling the bed (tramming) simply adjusts the angle of the bed relative to the Y-Axis. Raising the bed is isolated to the Z-Axis. Adjusting the Z-axis will not make your bed un-level, but leveling your bed can effect Z height.

when I installed the BL touch sensor on mine the instructions said to have the sensor body, basically where the probe comes out but not the end of the probe to be at 8.3mm above the nozzle. then use the Z offset setting to set the distance right for printing off the bed. 1/4" sounds like a lot but it can look like 8mm easily. is your sensor mounted too high?

I had to put in a shim spacer between the BL touch and the bracket so it would not be too high of the bed and off the nozzle.
Even with a BL touch you should always try to keep your bed as level as possible so once in a while or when you change something like the bed plate you should do a manual bed level. I use the old sticky note trick. This way the ABL does not have to condensate too much for the bed level and it helps having a better bed adhesion.

I’ve downloaded this G code file from DrVax on youtube. He went through the steps, but the head wants to jam to the left of X axis and the head is also 1/4 to 3/8 of an inch to high for printing. I’m not sure what to adjust if anything. Any help is appreciated, thanks

Did you get the bed leveled first and did you get the touch sensor within 8.3mm of the nozzle?

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Glen thanks for the help. every things great.