3D Printing has made the Olympics!

That’s a GOLD medal for the 3D printing community!
Not only is 3D printing changing the way we do everyday things. It’s changing the way we compete in almost every race. From building homes, space travel, and now the Olympics.

3D Printing is here to stay.

I lost my interest in the Olympics years ago precisely because of the things highlighted in the article.

When gold medals are being won by 100ths of a second and parts are being made out of exotic metal alloys to shave a few grams off the weight and 3D printed to produce optimal aerodynamic drag on the handlebars, I lose interest.

It has stopped being about the limits of human performance.

Personally, I’d have more interest if they made a range of standardised bikes in different sizes to accommodate different sized athletes, but with identical masses and aerodynamics. Then it would become all about the athletes again.


I watch F1 racing for exactly why you stopped watching the olympics (I tend to be more interested in sliding sport personally, driver skill still has a part to play.) F1 is 1/4 driver, 1/4 pit crew, 1/4 strategy, and 1/4 innovation of the car. In some teams the pit crew boss makes more than the driver. Being a Technician I like the recognition of the other techs.

It is a true team that wins and looses. Bike racing you never hear about the team that fields the bike. It is a shame.

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I agree with everything you said. I just love seeing 3D printing gaining such a massive foot hold in almost every field.

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