3DPC getting into bitmining?

I che ked out the store and noticed a bunch of the latest things added to it look like bitmining equipment. Though not much of it seems to be in stock. Will this be more of a thing that 3DPC will be getting involved with? Or have i just never checked out the latest tab. Also did all of it sell out right away or are all of those things just recent additions, waiting to be stocked?

We will be selling 3d printed/v-slot extrusion bitcoin mining rigs and some of the most popular rig accessories such as riser cards, cables, etc. We have no intention to get into the computer business but rather just scratching the surface since many of our clients are in this vertical.

Stay tuned!


ok … now I feel old. what’s this stuff for? I thought bit mining was just PC’s using unused cycles to process math?

Bit mining for cryptocurrencies can be done with spare pc processing power, but useing a dedicated machine to do it can be more profitable if you get into it. I dont really know much about it myself but believe they are the reason why new graphics cards are either sold out or priced higher than they should be. Due to having more processing power would = more cryptocurrency which should mean more money. Thing is theres a whole bunch of other stuff you would need to build them and get it all set up. Kinda like 3d printers from the supplier point of view.

I just thought it was an interesting market to get into and am glad to see 3DPC opening up to new things.

It’s for mining cryptocurrency. It’s…complicated

What was the plastic waste not killing the planet fast enough lol

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So what the hell does it like dig up bitcoin from math?
I have no idea what the hells going on with this.

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Did a little reading on this, so there are a finite number of bitcoins that are traded like it was cash (as if it was a thing you could hold) but to make it not possible to trade the same bitcoin more than once (since its virtual and not really a thing you can hold) all the trades are checked against each other and that’s where the math comes in. You set up a computer and are given a data packet to solve but it’s given to everyone and you have to be the first one back to get paid for that bit of work, so to increase your odds of getting paid you increase the number, and power, of computers you have working on it in an attempt to process faster. People aren’t buying whole computers from Dell to do this, they are zip-tying just the components they need together in great quantities. in particular the floating-point units on video cards deal specifically with processing math, so whatever the lowest common denominator is to run as many video cards as you can in as little space with as little power consumption is the thing they are striving for. Looks like these bits and pieces to hold all this together are what 3Dpc is selling there.

Listen I was a little cagey at first but seriously bitcoin mining at scale is legitimately unethical. If bitcoin mining was a country it would be ranked 29th in energy consumption in the world. Imagine if idling your car for a week gave you a token that you couldn’t easily translate into real money, and was largely being pushed as an investment by rich scam artists like Musk who stand to get richer off of it. Those people aren’t you, buying this equipment won’t give you a money printer. These large scale operations are running thousands of gpus at full power, nonstop, for years. Please, 3DPC, I understand that you are a business in it to make money but consider other options.

For anyone who wants a slightly more in depth option for reading this BBC article is a good place to start.

Well its hard to build any outrage over this. Seems like the idea of bitcoin is a good thing.

and… every bit of energy paid for by investment.

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