A new/er problem - adhesion

I have been printing some small diam.(.25"/6mm) parts about two inches tall (50MM). The prints have been fine but something new has shown up, the brim I used to print with because of the height to width difference, does not fuse together properly. When I pull the part off the brim just unravels like a piece of string, no fusion between each pass. I was running at 20mm/sec on the brim layer but I’m now printing some at 10 mm/sec to see if that makes a difference. Any ideas what has changed. This has never happened before and the basic settings are the same as previous prints. The OD of the brim is about 3/4" (19MM) 6mm width and 12 line count. Using Cura.

Well slowing the print speed for the brim seems to have solved the problem.

Shortest thread ever.

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LOL, Had to add one more to it,

Thanks for letting us know

It just donned on me that the problem was the small size of the brim. Even though I normally print brims at 20MM/sec, which is slow, with the small diam. of it that would be to fast for proper fusion.

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I started to have some adhesion problems too and slowing down the first layer to 10mm/s fixed the problem.

I agree, sometimes on the smaller prints, I actually use MIN LAYER TIME in my slicer. Gives the layer time to cool before piling more hot filament on top of it.