A220-100 wooden print

Thanks to Clerx who design this model


Very nice. Is the plan to paint it?

What filament was used?

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Thank you, I don’t think is required to paint the model wich is very smooth and wooden colors are very nice…

I used coconut filament for darker parts and pine filament for lighter parts.

I printed on my Vivedino Troodon. This printer is awesome but a bit tricky to use. Not made for beginners.


That turned out really well. Did you have any issues mounting the engines? Particularly the #2 engine?

Hi, no problem at all to mount parts together. As mention, it’s one of the best design that I have work with in my 5 years experience in 3 D printing. Easy print with minimum supports (engine fan only). Thanks again to Clerk.

Dopeness great job buddy looks great

Very nice! I work with a fellow at Hamilton Airport who was recently laid off (due to COVID-influenced reductions in aircraft orders) from the A220 final assembly line in Montreal.

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So sorry that happened to him really not far at all

This is amazing my friend! It looks like you spent years carving it out! Very well done