AdimLab Gantry-S

Hello, Just making a post to add this printer to the community. I’m active in the AdimLab Facebook group, though still newish to 3d printing. I only have the Gantry-S but am activly trying to learn more and more to help out anyone else that has this printer. Or is using a Makerbase Robin Lite board.

My goals with my printer are

  • Update the firmware to Marlin 2.0
  • Understand how to impliment the wifi card, then never use it again and go to octoprint XD
  • Attach a Z2 stepper motor. (which may mean i’ll be looking for a new board in the near future XD)
  • Install Linear Rails
  • Replace bed springs with scilicone dampeners.
  • Look into remote extruder motor possibilities
  • Find some newly coloured, or sized aluminum extrusions to undo all my linear rail work, firmware, and to try and see how big i can make it go. :smiley:

IDK how far along ill get before i get bored, frustrated or distracted, but so far ive made great progress.
Mods done so far

  • Thermal insulation to the bottom of the heat bed
  • Thermal insulated the extruder
  • did a LCD Faceplate hole delete for the reset pin… and should ahve measured it first instead of eyeballing it XD
  • Changed the bowden tube to capricorn tubeing
  • Changed some of the stock wheels to new clear ones. It was needed, but i sort of regret getting clear ones as I can see cracks inside almost all of the ones ive bought. Though so far no issues with them.

I will add this as a sub category under printers so you can add information there.

I am keeping a list of printers people want to add

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I would add it as AdimLab as there is the Gantry, Gantry Pro ( updated gantry) and the Gantry-S (which is smaller than the Gantry and bowden style)

Will do, I have to do one similar to add Chiron and Wanhao as well.