Another Lowrider, chopped top this one, all made with 3DPC filaments! :p

I did it again :stuck_out_tongue:

Here’s a lil lowrider pickup i made this week, and its all printed in 3d Printing Canada’s filaments!!

Im in love with the carbon fiber pla (house brand) since a couple of months… Each time i need a satin black, i use this filament. No matter what’s the project…

So here it is. Its all made in 3DPC carbon fiber PLA, except for the silver and brown parts, which are also made out of other 3DPC products.

I’ll put the files on cults soon.
Have a nice week!
i’m Going back to my software… :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh how I miss In and Out Burger…lol. Was where i stopped after every hockey game

Really cool truck and print.