Anycubic Vyper Newby 3D Printer

Hy everyone new 3D Newby here. Just got my printer yesterday and of course waited until today to " PLUG IT IN " Of course when I ran the included OWL Test print everything was great it was centered in the Center of the Heated Plate and except for a little grinding at the start of the print it worked very well.
Well I picked up a Stl. file from the Voron Site to try and print this so since it needed to be sliced so I downloaded Prusa Slicer and attempted to slice the print. To make a long story short every time I use the Pruser Silser it put the Item om the left edge of the board I slice it in the Center but when I go to print it goes to the left of my board how can I stop this?

My first guess is when you added the vyper to prusa slicer you missed a size. Prusa doesn’t have a configuration (at least 2,4.0 doesn’t) you missed a bed size or other configuration. You can likely find a configuration file for prusa slicer somebody made for this printer. It is an easy way to get started quickly.