Anyone use 3DPC Value PLA?

Was looking at getting a 4.5 Kg spool of “Value PLA” but was wondering what about it makes it “value”? Has anyone printed with this filament before? What were the results?

Hi @SpaceMoose - Value is a blended PLA resin made in Europe. We are able to get it made cheaper than our Standard-line hence the name and price. We have clients who regularly buy hundreds of KG’s of the Value PLA for their large-scale print farms. We’ve had good feedback on the product.

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Thanks Chris! Just wanted to make sure I wasn’t going end up with several KG of stuff that prints less good than other filaments.

@chris - are the diameter of the spools the same as standard for the 4.5kg spools? Just want to make sure it will fit on my spool holder in the cabinet. If it’s way bigger are the 2 Kg spools the same diameter as 1?

The spool is 13.5 inches in diameter with a 2-inch hole.


Oh ok that’s not going to work. How about the 2kg spools?

the 2.5 KG are 11 3/4 inch diameter with a 2-inch hole.

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Thanks @Jason ! Unfortunately the filament cabinet in my enclosure is only large enough to accomodate a standard 1Kg spool size. I was hoping the larger spools were just wider but the same outer diameter. Oh well… I’ll just stick with 1’s.

I think if memory serves me correctly all the larger spools have an increase in diameter instead of doubling the width.

Our Standard line 2 KG spools are simply 1 KG’s side by side so this may be a better option.

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Yup that’d be exactly what I’d need. Is it available in that size in any color other than black?

Here is the link to White: White - 1.75mm Standard PLA Filament - 2 kg - 3D Printing Canada


yes they are 145mm wide by 200mm in diameter

Awesome. Thanks!!

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I use value pla all the time except when it is out of stock. I have never had a single issue with it and I do not see any difference when I compare it to other pla that costs a lot more.

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When I first started out I bought two rolls of the value just to practice with one blue, one black. The blue roll was perfect and the black roll gave me a lot of trouble IE: curling edges layers splitting etc. Same settings, don’t no why!

Yeah that’s kind of the thing I was worrying about. I suppose I can try a regular roll of it and see what kind of results I get. Worse comes to worst I use it for test prints rather than large projects…

I have tried various other brands from 3D PC and the rest have all printed very well.

Yeah I’ve used the regular house brand without issues… just never the value.

I have used many rolls of 3DPC Value PLA, and have never had any issues with it. I’m a very happy customer with Value PLA. Probably just needed to adjust my profile some, but for me Sakata and one other brand (can’t remember the name)I tried from 3DPC didn’t give me as good results.