Avoid Shipping Cost to US? Looking for small Canadian print farm partnership

Howdy guys, my name is Cory Newsom and i have a small print farm in Dallas,TX. I design, print and sell Milwaukee Packout Toolbox Mods ---- Stackout3D - Etsy

I ship a decent amount of parts to Canada and Australia, and the shipping prices are outrageous. I am looking for a small print farm to partner with who can print, process and ship my parts locally from inside Canada. Preferably a small shop that sells products in the US that I could print, process, and ship locally.

If anyone on the forum has a lead on someone who might fit this criteria, please let me know

Got ya, right up to this part.

not a requirement, although finding someone with a packout and a 3d printer would be a great scenario

mainly trying to see if theres anyone who has interest and understanding of my products who would want to fulfill my orders coming from Canada. i have a similar partnership with a shop in Australia, i pay $10 an order for him to print, process and ship

So $10 added to printing, processing and shipping costs?
Or everything for $10???

everything for $10, parts take 2-3 hours to print, $3 USD worth of rough cost for PETG, and a threaded insert. then its packaged and shipped. customer pays for shipping parts are print to order.

I could be wrong, but I don’t think you are going to find anyone up here willing to work for 1 or 2 $/hr.

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let me pivot the concept then, is there anyone in Canada already selling toolbox mods. I could share my design files and listing info, so they could print and sell from their existing site. This in exchange for a % of revenue generated by those parts.

Well, it would probably work out to closer to 9$ CAD per hour of actual work:

10$ USD
-3 USD in materials costs
= 7$ USD in profit/wages, or about 10$ CAD.

The printer is working for 2-3 hours, but it doesn’t take much of one’s time to start the print nor to pull it from the printer when it’s done. So even with the “add threaded insert and pack it up” it’s probably only an hour of the worker’s time.

I took off 1$ for electricity and wear-and-tear on the printer, but that still works out to about 9$/hr on Stackout3D’s plan.

Of course, even in Alberta (the lowest minimum wage in the country) that’s still only 2/3ds minimum wage (15$/hr) and less than half of Edmonton’s 2021 living wage (21$/hr).

Anyway, I don’t have a useful suggestion, I just felt like doing some math. :smiley:

Stackout3D, I wish you good fortune in finding a partner!

@VagabondElf well said.

Add insurance, and rent it becomes even worse.

A side note shamefully minimum wage in NS is currently 13.60, with the second highest average rent prices, ($2448) it is truly a disaster.

Hunh. I guess I’m just so used to the “Alberta Advantage” being “we have very poor worker protection laws” I was assuming AB still had the lowest minimum wage.

You mentioned parts are made of PETG are you printing them in an enclosure? Which printer/software/firmware are you using and have you done any tuning to the printers?