Bad print quality

On my ender 3 v2 the layer lines won’t line up, why?

I am not sure what you mean by this. Can you post a photo? How is your first layer calibration? It is the first thing to check with many print issues.

HI @Orxnge

Welcome to the forum, Glad you found us. As kite had said if you could please post a photo of the problem it would make it much easier to diagnose.


those are the pictures of the print

Is this your first print or has it worked prior to this problem?

This is my very first print

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I am pretty sure the filament is not sticking to the bed, there may be other problems too but that is the first step, getting your first layer down right is important then any other problems will be a lot easier to see. How are you slicing your files? (in what program?) , What procedure did you use to level your print bed? Did you also set your Z height?

It certanally looks like a first layer issue. Have you calibrated the bed, leveled (trammed) it?

Set the Z height?