Bed adesion and set up

If I can pull this off, I think I got everything set up right. no supports, no raft, no brim!
Started 25 min ago and will know in 5 hours.

It’s not impossible with that angle but it is a long reach and a brim or raft might have been helpful to keep it from toppling. Is this a test or and actual part you need. If it is a part then why not use support??? If it is a test then go for it.

Kind of both a test and a part I want.
The way I see it is, “need to know” so I went for it.
Will show the success or fail soon.
85mmX16.8… on the bed.
177mm tall 45 degree angle.

…so…how’s it going?.. PSA: How to make prints stick on a new Creality glass bed. Fix adhesion on a new Ender 3 v2, 5, CR10 - YouTube

Going good, will post a pic in just under an hour.

Was not sure, but it worked.

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Daring heh! I would do that only if I had my printer enclosed.

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I did baby sit it. Did not want to find a huge birds nest.

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That’s awesome, My hats off to you sir.

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