BL touch on and off again issues

So I’ve had an ongoing problem with BL touch on my Biqu B1. For the most part it works but every so often it fails between prints. I think I can articulate what’s happening now it seemed so random before and just posting saying “it bwoke what do I do” isn’t helpful in my mind. After a long print, like overnight when I try to print again right away I’ll sometimes (maybe usually actually) get an error, and it’s happening during the self test (I still have to verify this) when it starts up to do the probing for the next print. I think when this happens it turns the ABL off in the printer with no indication, so anything else you try fails because the G-code is sending G29 and the printer thinks it doesn’t have BL touch. I have a feeling the probe is just stuck in the up position and once the self test error occurs the sensor in unreachable until you restart the printer and it with happens again or it starts working. I wonder if the probe is getting too attracted to the screw screw at the top during long prints and the solenoid isn’t strong enough to pull it away sometimes? On this printer the metal (steel) bracket is flush against the sensor which adds to the amount of magnetic stuff up there. I see normally these are mounted on springs?

have you tried flashing their latest firmware on it it seems to fix that problem it’s on their GitHub page

Oh, I never looked, thanks ill give it a try. My last print is just continuing with the bltouch flashing away because I didn’t catch it in time heh.

One of most common issue is the connector pins inside the board are not secured properly.
Check them out and make sure they are not lose or wiggle and add some tie wraps to secure them.
No harm in inspecting them

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I will check but I see in the timings sheet for this sensor that there is a wiring check and a specific error indication for that if the wiring fails. I already checked the outside wires but not the ones past the enclosure.

I’ve never looked at GitHub before. seems straight forward. After a FW update all there settings I have to reset? I’m imagining a wipe of whatever tuning is already on the machine and needing to start over?

no your machine will still run the same it’ll just fix any of the glitches from the first firmware

ahh thats good. I have a logs of changes I’ve made to every piece of equipment I own … and never started one for this.

Where did you see that there was BL touch fixes ?