Blake's 7 British SciFi 1978

Officers pistol from season 1. Liberator pistol from season 2.



Printer any others?

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Blake’s Seven. Wow! Memories… My age is showing.

I’ve never even heard of it. To me British sci-fi begins and ends with Dr Who.


No Space 1999? UFO? Captain Scarlet? Torchwood? Annnnnd Red Dwarf?.. Smeg!

Well, if you insist.

Space 1999 was British???

@Logan 5
Colour me impressed

Space 1999 was produced by the Gerry Anderson’s group, of Supermarionation fame. (Thunderbids, Fireball, Stingray, Joe 90, Supercar, Captain Scarlett). Which is why the show has great miniatures and a vaguely familiar musical soundtrack style. So, yah, British.

Filmed at Pinewood Studios in England.

Thats awesome! You must have Logan’s run props too or are you really Micheal York? heh!

My favorite movie.
Gun 1 made out of plastic.
Gun 2 aircraft aluminum with 3D printed grips.

very cool. I saw a video once from the propmaster that made the guns for Logan’s run I remember him saying had a butane cartridge and igniter and the actors were afraid of them heh.

When you watch the movie you’ll notice Michael York holds the gun as far out as he can when firing it.
Also Richard Jordan burned his leg because he didn’t turn off the glow plug.

Kinda makes me want one… And a Jenny Agutter in a gauzy dress too

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She hated that dress… :slight_smile: