Bowden tube issues

So I have replaced my Bowden tubing now three times. What am I doing to cause this??

I wonder if its melting. What temps are you printing at?

Am I seeing right? The end of the Bowden tube is nearly sliced off? I’ve never seen that happen. Is this the hot-end end of the tube? If so, I can take an educated guess as to the cause of the wear further up the tube.

The fitting on top of the hot end that the Bowden tube goes into has tiny little teeth that prevent the tube from backing out. If the Bowden tube is not supported on it’s way into the hot end, then the tube will rotate has the hot end moves back and forth. This is especially true on and Ender 5/5Pro where the print head moves in two axes. Those little teeth will grind their way through the tube.

I installed a strain relief on mine, primarily for the sake saving the electrical cable, but it had a bowden tube clamp next to it that grips tightly enough that the tube doesn’t twist.

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PETG nozzle 240 bed 85

Do you have the gcode for this??

Well, that was dumb. I thought I was posting the link to the page not the picture. Here it is: