Can anyone with a resin printer do a couple of small pieces for me?

Hi everyone!

Just finishing up printing all of my pieces for the Anders PKD blaster from Blade Runner with my FDM printer. However I need to get grips for it that need to be translucent. I know I can buy them from etsy but I avoid etsy as much as possible as much as possible, having had some bad experiences there so I was wondering if I could get anyone in this group to help me with it. Happy to pay for it, of course.

Fully clear translucent or coloured translucent? I’ve had some of my solid clear prints cure a bit of a yellow colour, I’ve been trying to find and dial in a great clear resin.

Coloured translucent seems to print and cure well most times.

Happy to help print 'em and I have some downtime on my resin printer coming up.

Colored translucent. Ideally like an amber color, though an orange could probably be toned down with acrylic washes. This is what it looks like:

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Ooo very cool.
We will just have to either hunt down some amber resin. Or find a way to tint the clear resin I have a translucent amber.

Hmmm. Not sure. I know there are ways to tint resins in general but I don’t know much about resins for 3D printing. Will have to do some research.

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How to make your own amber with resin - Resin Obsession

Seems like this would work… but is this something that you can use with 3D printer resin or a poured mold?

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There are definitely tint sets available for just this purpose. I’d jump in to help but I haven’t had cause to get one until now!


Welcome to the forum JDC!

Your right, I’ve actually been looking for an excuse to get this little set from 3DPC.

I’ve just been mixing different colours of resins I have together (with mixed results :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:) to get new colours.

I also wonder if food colouring would work as a dye for clear resin… Hmmm …

Well if you think you can get a nice amber color to tint the resin I’d be happy to pay for that set for you to play with…

You have a link to the STLs? Now you’ve got me curious.

Sure do!

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That thing looks so cool. Imma have to print my own! Unless @TurkeyOnRye is going to take this on id love to give this a shot for you.


My resin printer has a backlog of parts to get through! So if you are quicker than me @JDC by all means go for it!

I’m happy to putter around as a backup printer ahaha.

Thanks JDC! Happy to work with you on this!

@TurkeyOnRye - thanks so much for your offer. I really appreciate it!!

Hope this helps you. I have used this many times to pigment my resin. It work so good!


HI @Jeffc177, welcome to the forum, we appricate you joining up with us here. Hope to see some of your prints/printers to let us know what you have been up to.

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It sure helped me add it to my cart! Ahahaha :rofl:

I’ve been on the fence about the colour mixing kit, but I think I need to finally pull the trigger and try it out.

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