Clavius 3D Subscription - Legit?

Lately I have been getting advertisements for Clavius3D Subscription box. Does anyone have experience with this company? It looks like a good deal, but you know what they say…

Thanks in advance for any insight you can provide.

There are a number of Canadian subscription boxes around. Filabox comes to mind as well. I paid for … um I forgot a US one a couple of years back. Shipped to a friend who repackaged and shipped every now and again.

It is interesting idea. It is a mechanism to ‘push’ certain products or to ‘move’ poor sellers from the shelves. The price per roll is fair and the surprise factor is fun. I remember getting a roll I loved and a roll of really odd colours. A not quite brown and sorta purple roll came that is real ugly only good for painting. That is the down side, you might get something odd and not useful. I print a lot so it was over all worth it I saved enough I felt like I came ahead in the end.

If you are very fussy with colours and don’t print large volumes it mayn’t be worth it. I think that if you print a lot and you find yourself choosing what colour to use based on convenience and not actually colour it is likely a great idea. You need to accept what is send and it is unlikely even if they send the most popular colour that some you will like some not like. If you will never print a (your least favourite colour here) and it will sit unopened until you need the space and get rid of it unused. If that is your personality, don’t you will be disappointed. If it is odd or ugly but hey that prototype you are not sure of, who cares fits… there is no downside.