Colour change excitement

Well, that was exciting. This is the first time using the colour change function in Cura to change colour at a set layer in the print. Well, it seemed to go ok, the first part of the print completed ok and it stopped and went to 0,0 to change the filament. I was supposed to also unload the filament but it didn’t go far enough (I’ll have to measure the length of the filament path so I’ll know what it is for next time). when it restarted though, I think the head must have dropped (Z axis was lower than it should have been) because the nozzle hit the print and went into the bed pretty hard. the stop button stops the print, but it doesn’t disconnect the motors so it gouged up the spring steel bed. I think it should have moved off to reload the filament but kept the motor on so it wouldn’t autorotate under its weight. I’ll have to try this again and try and see what could have happened. This print wasn’t critical so I’m printing the rest of it now and will glue the first failed part on when it’s done.

On one of the menus, there is an emergency stop that does work like you’d expect but it’s hard to navigate through menus while the printers pitching parts everywhere and trying to kill the cat.

What printer is this with an emergency stop? On several occasions, I’ve had to hit the power button because stop or pause only get put in the print queue.

As for unloading the filament. I’ve given up on that. It seems to me, back when I was experimenting with it, that it wants to re-load the filament just as far is it unloaded it. As I recall, when I manually put the filament back in, it started extruding the length of the Bowden tube, so now I just manually remove it and prime it myself.

The Z axis behaviour is odd, though. Mind you, I use Pause at Height because Change Filament doesn’t work on my version of firmware, but it does maintain the proper height.

Emergency stop (full stop depending) is a M112. I have an acquaintance who runs a handful of Prusas in a farm (farm mode firmware I think) and has emergency stop for each one. It shuts down all heaters and stops all moves disables all steppers. You lose the print but stop everything all at once. I would assume you could add that line code and link it to a button on the screen. I think it makes sense in a farm but in a home setting I am not so sure.

I’m going to try it again today and see what I need to make it work… I havenp;t put any prints on it you because I want to check everything first. This is a Biqu B1. The E-stop is in the menu on the TFT screen.

yeah I think thats exactly what it is. it would be helpful though if it was on the main print screen.

Realistically I just would hit the reset button. It effectively does the same.

Question why not use the color change in Prusaslicer? It stops unloads filaments heats waiting for new filament and then once the change is complete it resumes. It is so easy to do I have accidentally done it.


The Cura version is supposed to do this too and … really it did. The only issue is the z motor was off and spun down by itself loosing its z height and then restarted from the wrong place.