Cr30 control board

So i saw in the store page that 3dpc now has the cr30 control boards. I dont have a cr30 (out of my budget/needs) but have been curious about the technical specs on the board.

Does anyone know what cpu chip its got or drivers?

Hey @Dr.Marvin

I initially did the CR30 YouTube video, I believe I mentioned what control board is in it. Cannot remember the Chip but it does have silent 2209s in it if memory serves me correct.

I will have another look and see if I can post the specs here.

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The version of the board is 4.2.10, Its a greenback board

Chip is an ARMx stm32F103

Its got 4 stepper drivers on it as the core of the printer is COREXY

I was wrong though, Its 2208 Stepper drivers, (my bad)

  • Max. build volume: 200 x 170 x ∞ mm
  • Max. extruder temperature: 240 ℃
  • Max. heated bed temperature: 100 ℃

Hope this helps

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Thanks @Jason ill have to check out the video when I get home.