Creality 10S V2 Fan

OK, so not sure what fan this is, but there is a fan (if you are looking at the front of the printer) on the right side of the nozzle. This fan was noisy and stopped working…

Recommendations on a replacement? Only had the printer less than a month… but don’t want to keep replacing this over and over…


Before you go replacing it, make sure there isn’t a piece of debris blocking it. Sometimes a small bit of filament gets on the inside. They don’t have a lot of torque, so it doesn’t take much to stop them.

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hi @bcaza

There are 2 fans on the nozzle of that machine. the front one is the cooling fan( used to keep the heat break cool and prevent clogs), the one to the right it is the blower fan, (Used used to blow air over the printed part to solidify the plastic quicker and better print quality).

The fan you are referring to is the blower Fan. our part number is CF1000

Link below
hope this helps

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Are both fans the same? The one seems to be working now, so I am assuming that there was something in it, but if they are the same, I may purchase one as a spare…

HI @bcaza

unfortunately they are different, one is a blower fan one is Axel. we do carry both if you need them.

The other one I believe is a 4010 fan, pretty standard. In a pinch they are available at pretty well any electronic parts store as long as you can get 24 volt.