Creality all metal extruder collet

Anyone know if this is the replacement for the creallity all metal extruder mechanism collet?


It is the insert for the top of an E3d hot end. I don’t know what Realities have cloned E3D hot ends but it would need to be a good clone to fit properly. My Sidewinder (Artillery is owned by the same parent company as Creality apparently) has a ‘cloned’ Titan it is a poor copy and parts are not close enough to exchange back and forth.

I have not heard of it not fitting, a couple of customers have bought it for that reason and they have never told me it didn’t fit if that makes sense.

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I hope they are on here and chime in.
Seems to be a strange way to go if you ask me.

I Agree

Give me a min I can check just finishing up a couple of e-mails


E3D ones do not fit, the Microswiss ones do fit However, I am out of stock on both…

Sorry mike

Thanks. I will have to remember this when I think I need one, or 2 or 3…

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