Cura 5.5 problem

I installed Cura 5.5 and it didn’t carry over all the settings and profiles from 5.4. In the past it has done this fine. Anyone else have this problem?

Mine is fine, AFAIK, I haven’t found anything missing so far!..


Cura will create another configuration folder for each version. It is recommended to save the 3mf of your configurations using the previous version and then open the 3mf file on the updated one. It will import everything. By the way, never uninstall the previous Cura if you have essential configs.

I never remove the previous version until I have vetted the new one.

It seems like a problem that sometimes it updated properly and sometimes it doesn’t. Very annoying.

I managed to do a manual backup and reinstall so 5.5 is up to date. Still annoying that sometimes it updates the profiles and setting and sometimes it doesn’t.

I suspect gremlins.