E3D V6 migration

I have an Ender 3 Pro and Ender 5 Pro. I’d been looking to start experimenting with more exotic materials so I was attracted to the E3D line. Went all in and printed up a really nice rig for direct drive [Craftrum e3d Direct Drive Mount](https://Craftrum e3d Direct Drive Mount).

I simply cannot get the machine to print without the nozzle getting positively buried in melt.

I have pulled extrusion all the way down to 88% (normally slice at 97%) and I get great first layers but more than a few layers high and it’s just a mess. Same results with varying fill patterns or no fill and temps from 235 to 260.

E3D V6 genuine, all metal titanium, BMG clone, Marlin 2.06, Ender 3 Pro, SKR 1.4.

I’d love for somebody who has been through this to reveal the dark mysteries behind the E3D V6 hot end conversion.