Ender 5 Pro Display issue

My Ender 5 Pro has a display issue. Printer is literally brand new as in got it today. My display is literally missing a chunk of information. It starts up missing that bit and then just misses it the whole time. Yes the printer is in 115V

This is a warranty item. There’s little you can do to fix this. I certainly wouldn’t even try it on a machine under warranty.
In the photo below, I’ve highlighted the two rows of pins that control the LCD. At least one of these rows is not making contact or it could also be a problem within the LCD itself. There is generally one set of pins that addresses each row and another that addresses each column.
You appear to have about a dozen rows missing. Most of the LCD’s I’ve encountered are not directly soldered to the board since it’s pretty much impossible to solder onto metallized glass. Instead, they sit on some sort of rubber spacer which has an embedded (carbon?) conductor that goes between the glass and the copper board. Of course, you can’t solder copper either, so both ends just sit there and are held in place by some sort of clamping mechanism. Note the bent metal tabs are right beside the areas I’ve highlighted. I tried to take something like this apart years ago. It was a nightmare. You absolutely cannot get any finger oils on any of the 8 sets of contacts (2 on the board, 2 on the LCD and 2 on either side of each the 2 rubber strips). And the strips must align perfectly with the PCB pads. And the LCD metallized pads (which are almost invisible, btw.) must align perfectly with the rubber strips. And remember: the rubber strips can’t be soldered down or even glued because the glue may ooze under the contacts, so now you have to hold this whole assembly in place while tightening the metal tabs.

There’s a reason they let robots do this. I shamelessly admit that I utterly failed to properly reassemble the two units I worked on (at different times) and have not even attempted it since.

wmodavis on allaboutcircuits.com summed it up better than I could:
“You will likely have to try the process one less time than it takes to frustrate yourself out of your gourd before you can get it to work. Than and only then will you be authorized to break your arm patting yourself on the back for doing it. You must also sware to never take it apart again.”

Amen to that.

E4Pro Display Back - highlighted-400

Having said all of the above, this problem in no way effects the operation of the machine, other than that it will hide some menu items, particularly, in order of button press, the Prepare, Move Axis, Move X, and Return to Move Axis menu items. (so now you know what your missing).

What MIGHT work for you is to try pressing on the top or bottom of the LCD. Not too hard. It might make contact. But even if it does, it was either not assembled properly or something moved during transportation and there’s no guarantee it won’t happen again, permanently.

Send the photo you posted here to the vendor and ask for a replacement. You can continue to use the printer until it arrives.

This was resolved as the screen was damaged and it was just a simple warranty swap.

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