Filament sensor issues

Hey there…I recently bought a Creality ender 6 corexy and am having issues with the filament sensor. It switches off at random and is causing print fails…anyone have this issue?..fix?

@Big_Kazoo I feel for you. I also have been having some issues with mine on an Artillery.

Check your filament is not abnormally small.

The sensors are not expensive so my first reaction is replace it. I’d suggest checking connections to it first but if they seem ok at least at the sensor end. I’d replace it. If you are still having issues after that it isn’t the sensor but wiring likely or the board. Then you can trace that down.

I am finding with printers I end up trying more than one thing at once. That is fine if it is fixed but if not you still need to re check each step.

Is it a mechanical sensor or an optical one?

If it’s mechanical, I’d be looking for a small screw to adjust to bring it closer to the filament.
If it’s basically the same type of switch that is used as a limit switch, there will be a (usually) metal arm sticking out that rests against the filament. Bend the arm outward a little.

If you do end up buying another one, add it to the existing one and wire the switches in parallel. That way both would have to register the filament as missing in order to stop the printer. If one switch is intermittent, it would keep going.


It is a limit switch style filament sensor…I have since disassembled it (6 screws) and very carefully bent the arm…it is running now…stay tuned


I just put together my new Ender 3 Max last night and have the same problem. I will have a look at the sensor to see if I can adjust it.

I’m starting to like this forum. :slight_smile:


I just took apart the filament sensor and the filament was running beside the switch’s arm. I slightly bent the arm and now it seems to work correctly. :slight_smile:

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