Finding time to play

Family, work, the house, practical repairs on cars, helping friends, I haven’t sat down in front of freecad or a slicer in weeks, my printer has sat motionless. How do you guys find the time?

So some of you know I work for an auto manufacturer, who this week has us working Monday (the holiday) 9 hr week days and Saturday. I’m honestly starting to feel like there’s no escape.

Tell me how you guys find ways to “escape” and get your hobbies done. Because I need ideas.

Honestly, I retired at 42.

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find a way to make a living with something you like doing and you’ll never work a day again.

You forgot to mention waiting for parts. XD

Honestly i just have to make time for myself, an hour or 2 here. I see it as paying myself when most other things are takken care of.

Im a new dad, and its tricky finding time, but im lucky my partner is understanding and lets me have a bit of time.

That being said i havent been printing anything for the past 2 weeks due to work requirements.

I did have some time off recently for parts but then I spent it with my 4 year Olds haha, by the time I get home, it’s make dinner and pass out by 8-9 most days, up at 4:30 haha

Retire at 42? I freaking wish

Time is REALLY hard. I work 50+ hours a week, time is at a premium. I avoid things that take time that I don’t wish to do. It is where the frustration that many lower end printers need so much time to print well. I don’t want to mess with the tool I wish to use it.

Reliability is where I buy the time. I have a number of ‘open’ project that when there is a moment I’l poke at one. Small bits at a time. When I am printing the reliability comes in. I send the print a nd walk away. I don’t have time to wait to check the first layer and baby it. Start the print and leave, I don’t wait for it to heat up or anything.