Firmware update

I have a CR 10S Pro and updated to TM V 7.4 with their shared screens. I have found issues and want to go back to V6.?. Does anyone know where that is?
The issues I have are:

  1. When I set the Z offset after leveling, the first layer is not where I want it and I change the Z offset, but it does not get stored like V6 did and the next print I have to repeat the process.
  2. When I am setting the Z offset, the increment for change is 0.2mm instead of 0.1 mm. V 6 didn’t do that.
  3. The manual temperature setting for the nozzle is for dual nozzles.
    These are the ones I have found do far.

Worst case you could always go back to stock firmware from creality.

Alternativly tinymachiens has a github where they have their firmware. You could look for an older version and try that.


Tiny machines also has a multi pack firmware where you could try different ones check it out on their get hub