Flex build plates - Wham Bam vs Fabreeko vs?

I’m considering getting a flexible build surface for my CR10s Pro V2 for ease of removal for larger pieces with more surface area directly contacting the bed (tired of fighting with it and gouging prints and/or the bed). I’ve been looking at the Wham Bam with preinstalled PEX surface and the Fabreeko dual-sided PEI bed. Can anyone advise on which might be the better option? Any opinions on PEX vs PEI? Wham Bam is double the price of Fabreeko - is it worth it? Or is there a superior option other than these two?

I tried PEX and it never worked the way that I thought it would.

Go with the flexible PEI that’s held down magnetically - I really have had good success with that.

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I buy my build surfaces direct from wham bam at Flexible Build System for FDM – Wham Bam Systems

Shipping is not high speed(takes about a month to arrive, although they do ship it fairly soon after ordering I think). You just have to order further ahead.

We offer double-sided Flexible Smooth/Textured PEI spring steel systems here:

Also, we have some 1mm carbon fiber flexi plates here: Parts: Build Surfaces - Carbon Fiber Build Surface – 3D Printing Canada

You will need a magnetic base for the carbon flexi plates: Parts: Build Surfaces - Magnetic Base – 3D Printing Canada