FLSUN V400 Delta

sorry no reply sooner, was on holiday and some life issues came up;
how is the XL going ?
i am strongly leaning to it provided you give it a thumbs up;
you bought it direct from prusa ?
how was the order-to-product-receipt time ?
creality just came out with a new model that was half the price but Still the build volume isnt really the size that i prefer; and if that input-shaping on the XL ever happens…

regarding the XL Input Shaping…
i found a Prusa Forum:
" Prusa XL Input Shaper - when?

I thought that when talking about the upcoming alpha Input Shaper, Prusa was basically referring to both the MK4 and XL at the same time. Has Prusa said anything that I missed about when it might be appearing on the XL? Even as an alpha it’s making a huge speed difference on my MK4 prints."

dated 05/06/2023; author “darksharpie”; this post is the most recent under this topic;
have you heard anything more recent ? before i order i wish to ask the manufacturer which firmware version is being shipped

you might be right, i was printing almost always ( PLA) at lower temps than you suggest

Between work and basement flood I have not done anything with it. Once the pre order was converted to an order it was 3 days. The pre order was ages. I appreciate that Prusa no matter the pressures would not ship a half baked printer. I don’t have first hand knowledge but they run them in the farm and have for over a year. I suspect they will have most of the bugs sorted. The same for input shaping we will not see it until it is ready. It will take as long as it takes.

Try running way higher temps on the V400.

as much as i want that XL i think i might change direction; i think prusa has completely screwed up their marketing on this model (“deliver in the first half of 2024 for new orders”; WHAT ! and no reasonable shipping cost estimate ( thailand));
with all that i think i will go with the creality k1 max, it isnt exactly what i want but it has input shaping and is half the cost, we have them locally there in thailand from reputable dealer , so i can have it in 2-3 days;
i will likely also buy a replacement assembly for the v400 and use that printer until it dies again, after number 3 death, that’s it for that model; garbage time

I get that. To me the input shaping isn’t really very important. At least for me. How much it adds is questionable. My v400 runs fine it is crazy fast but the print quality at speed is not great. When it is slow input shaping doesn’t add as much.

I am very facilitated with the load sensor. I have visions of putting carbon fiber cloth down on the bed. Running calibration on that then starting a print, stopping flipping it re calibrating and completing the print.

Printers able to feed long strand CF are far too much money for me. It is possible that the xl will be able to make very tough reinforces prints. I know early on there was talk of printing upon cloth but o don’t know if any are doing it.

I hope the Creality works for you. Personally the printers they make have lots of need to tinkering at that point it is almost easier to build a voron or rat rig.