Formbot Trex 3, Wanhao i3, and more for trade for core XYs or sell

Hi all,

All machines work well, just had to unfortunately move to smaller crammed space and scale back my machines. Lots of machines with different mods/add ons.

Hoping to trade into core XY styled machines as I’m limited on floor space/noise.

Formbot Trex 3 - Dual heads, prints well. needs to be recalibrated after move. Looking to trade this for a Trodon can supply two rolls of PLA. Improved part cooling fan added.
Stock firmware

Formbot Raptor 2 - Trusty machine. Acrylic filament roller got shattered in the move, and something fell on the PEI bed. Needs some TLC but still runs well. Stock firmware

wanhao i3 v2.1s
4 units with several upgrades.

  • Microswiss hotends with 0.4 and 0.6 mm nozzles,
  • Auto bed levelling with bl touch
  • improved heatbed mosfets
  • Z stabilizers
  • Improved part cooling and hot end temp regulation
  • Glass beds for each machine, two machines with PEI whambam sheets.
  • Additional mods for better belts and fans
  • Running Marlin 1.1.9

Looking to trade these into another Cube/Core XY style machine or sell the lot for a reasonable offer.

I’ve also got the following also for sale/trade - Not sure if this pique interest due to Marlin being niche to upgrade these.

Little guys
Monoprice mini v2 - Marlin 2.0.1 modded, upgraded bearings/gears/belts/glass bed
Miniprice mini v2 - Marlin 2.0.1 modded, upgraded Z lead screw for 0.1mm true layer heights same mods as other v2
Monoprice Delta mini - Completely stock, calibrated comes with 4 glass beds (2 mirros 2 boro glass)

had this forever, not sure what people would be interested in. Currently work in the works to being upgraded. Trades welcome for this

Rostock Max v2 - Upgraded to carbon fiber arms, ball joints, improved linear carriages, PEI + boro glass build plate. Stock firmware (Repetier)

Other newer stuff
Creality Ender 3 v2. - Completely stock no mods, no hours on the machine outside initial diagnostics.

Reasonable cash offers welcome. Trades for core XY machines or cube styled Ender 5 machines preferred

Located in Burlington Area. Can meet in and around Hamilton/Burlington/Oakville

Thanks for your time!

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It might help to let people know roughly where you’re located.

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Oh sorry! Ill update the ad, but I’m located in Burlington. I can meet in around the Burlington/Hamilton area though for the smaller machines.