Forum Update completed

We have updated the backend software on the forum

If anyone sees anything weird going on please dm me and we will have a look at it.

I see weird colours and flashing lights, is that what you mean. Now there is sitar music too. OHH! the colours, the colours.

Not quite what I mean :slight_smile:

I have a couple of users who cannot log in. If you find this thread and can not log in please email and Lauran will let me know the user ID and I will get them fixed up.

I am currently trying something with one user if It works I have a solution for anyone that cannot log in.

Well not quite all is well with me … I received a link to reactivate my account … it works on just the computer I reactivated the account on … my other 2 computers still not allowed to log in?

Thank You

ok, Let me clear your cache on the server and then try it again.

Sorry about the trouble

All good now … Thank You for your Help :slight_smile:

no problem, thanks for letting me know