Getting into 3d Printing

Hello i was wondering if it will be safe to 3d print in my room. I will be getting an ender 3 v2 and only printing PLA. It will be sitting next to a window if I need to open it. Is it safe to print in my room like this or is it unsafe and this could be putting me at risk for health problems.

I have never vented my 3 v2 printing pla and I don’t see ifvmdclbcnelr any effects from it.
Just kidding, you shouldn’t have a problem.
I wouldn’t lock myself in a closet with it, but in a normal sized room I have never smelt or tasted anything.

would it be safer to buy an enclosure or open the window

Every one of us has had the “stick your face in it to watch” thing.
With PLA you should be fine with normal ventilation. Nothing special.

I agree, PLA is very friendly, Nothing to off-gas or odor

Welcome to the forum, Glad you found us, Hope to see you here and share your printing adventure.

Any questions post them up and we will help you out.

This is in my bedroom, Does this change anything

this is in my bedroom, Does this change anything

Should not make a difference unless you cant sleep with the noise.

is it better to use an enclosure or just open air

For PLA, Just open air, Its likes still air but still be able to breath

The fans are a bit noisy so printing at night might be annoying. I replaced the 40mm fans on the MB and PW with 92MM Noctura fans (printed new covers downloaded off of Thingaverse) and it is now resonably quiet and the flow for cooling is better. Someday the print head fans will get changed too.