Getting weird lines

i am getting this line on part. i used Cura Slicer and i am not sure what setting i need to get to get rid of this line.

which one? there all different. the think one is the Z seam where the printer changes direction on each layer it has to go somewhere and you can pick it in cura in shell settings. Search for Z seam. You can also pick for it to sort of randomize so there is a little everywhere.

its Z seam issue but pruslicer is not helping me.
Curs shows 3 hours to print on same and pruslicer 1 hour.
But how do i find some good setting in pruslicer to get rid of z seem.
i set up at rear but still they show up in front.

In prusaslicer you can place the seam where you want. It is the odd T shaped thing on the left side. second from the bottom. ‘paint on seams’ just draw or paint the most hidden place.


you can look at the preview in Cura and see in every single layer where the Z seam is going to go. There shouldn’t be that much difference in print time. Prusa seems a little fast but not that much with the similar settings for layer height infill and walls. Prusa has a great little window that shows how much time each kind of layer takes to print it can help you tune for speed.

For Z seam in Prusa it is in the Print setting/Layers and perimeters/ Advanced and it’s called seam position

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I didnt realise prusaslicer had paint on seams. I knew about paint on supports. Ill have to try it out next time i print my tpu belt.

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