Great issues with my print

Any ideas as far as ways to solve these issues. I’ve had them a little bit before but never this bad.

Slow the print down and reduce the fan speed. When filament comes out, it should be hot enough and stay hot enough to partially melt the layers around it. If the fan cools it too quickly, it comes out looking like you see there. Similarly, you can have a nozzle that’s hot enough, but the amount of heat picked up by the filament (from the nozzle) is dependent on how much time it spends in the hot end. If you print to quickly, the filament can pass through a hot nozzle without getting hot enough itself. Remember: you’re not just trying to melt the filament, you’re trying to give it enough heat that it can partially melt adjacent layers and bond with them.

I am new at the 3D printing field so my word does not carry a lot of weight but I had this problem and I slow my print speed to 60% which may be a little too much also I knock 10 Degrees off the nozzle I am sure [LEGOManiac] has a lot more sound advice than I but this is what I found out in my journey.

You’re on the right track, but the reason he’s getting distinct filament “threads” is that it’s not hot enough when it contacts the adjacent layers to melt into them. If anything, raise the temperature by 10C. Slowing the print speed will work, but only if the nozzle temperature is high enough to begin with.

I turned down the fan speed and raised the temp by 5 degrees up to 210 and slowed down the print speed a little and it’s working much better now. It’s not perfect but it is much better. Thanks for the help.

I think with a couple test prints and more tweeking of the settings I’ll be able to get it quite good.

@codyp I might add a though. There is discolouration in the print by the look of the photo. I have found stringing to be a problems if the nozzle is worn. If this is a new problem after a bunch of prints it might be a new nozzle is needed and if you are doing that check the throat for obstructions.

Ok thanks I’ll check that out.

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