Greetings from just around the corner!

Hello from Hamilton - walking distance from 3DPC, in fact!

I started with a Prusa MK2/S and Fusion 360 four years ago, and have been having a blast ever since - particularly in the design space. I can be found on as ‘fasteddy’ and thingiverse as ‘fasteddy516’.

I’ve got three printers on the go - a Prusa MK2/MMU1 (still going strong, MMU and all!), a Prusa MK3/S and a DIY Prusa MK2.5/S fitted with an E3D Hemera extruder.

I’m looking forward to seeing how this new community grows and evolves!

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Welcome to the Forum

We appreciate you joining us here in our new community.

Make sure you share your favorite prints or best upgrades.

Jason Harding

Hello FastEddy516.

Welcome to our Forum
I’m actually using your Hinged MEANWELL PSU shroud on one of my BEAR MK3S printers!

Good Job on it!

Mr. Keith Guitar, 3DPC

That’s one of the things I love about the design side of the 3D printing community - sometimes you hear from a person on the other side of the planet that is using your design, and sometimes it’s a person right around the corner! I’m glad you found it useful!