Greetings from the Hammer

Got my first printer at 3D Canada 3 years ago, now I am up to 8 including a Delta and a Resin.

That’s excellent, What models and makes do you have? Which is your favorite 3?

I have 2 Ender 3 Pros, I Delta with Reprap(Oldie but fun to play with). Ender 5, CR-10s, CR-10Pro. First Gen Ender 3(The one that started it all). Longer LK4 Also a Mars Elegoo Resin, Had 3 Ender 3’s I picked up, completely rebuilt them, calibrated them and sold them off. So I guess with the Resin I have 9, I did have a Prusa Clone that I built but sold off.
Now what ones are my Fav? Depends on what I am printing at the time. I find the Longer LK4 does a nice job with Lithophanes as well as the Ender 3 Pros. I have my first Ender set up for flex when I need it. Also I have converted the Enders to the SKR Boards. Also all printers have Octo Print. I have a LASER setup I am thinking on putting on my CR-10s.
So I guess I am addicted lol.

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