Jump in a says happy Birthday

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I’m crying here, that’s funny


Happy birthday @LEGOManiac

Your one of the most active members here and i enjoy seeing what you have to say.

Have an amazing Birthday LEGO

OK. I said that off the cuff because I realised as I was starting the related post that it was the day after my first printer was shipped. I really should have called it my 1st 3D Printer Anniversary. Sorry if I misled anyone. It’s been an educational year, and I have to say, if I was starting over in this hobby, I’d buy and Ender 5Pro again. While there have been hiccups, it’s generally been a fairly reliable beast, especially once you put a carbon fibre plate on it.


Sooooo Happy Printeraversary?


See, I wouldn’t put it that way…
That contains printer AVERS(e) ary, and I’m not really averse to 3D Printing or I wouldn’t be here.

:rofl: Okay granted. Um… happy Thursday?

Happy 5 oclock then?

Im sure its 5 oclock somehwere

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… so…when is your birthday?

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happy birthday anyway.

Because I started it now we just have to know

Enquiring minds, n’ all that…

Im just adding to the

Antic----------- ipaition


It’s at the end of September.

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Say it! Say it! Consti…

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