Hello from Chilliwack, BC

I just signed up here and thought I should introduce myself. I am an older (67) guy who has owned 3 Ender 3 V2’s for about 2 years now. All my printers run Micro Swiss hotends (2 bowden setups, one with direct drive and dual Z). I print mainly in either PLA or TPU making crafting tools that my wife sells on her YouTube channel. A couple of tips I can pass along for anyone experiencing issues with Micro Swiss hotends is that when you assemble it, you should put some good high temp thermal paste on the heatbreak where it goes into the heatsink (cooling block). The second tip is to keep retraction down to 1mm or so and don’t exceed 35mm/s retraction speed. I have close to 2 years and hundreds of prints on my machines and have never experienced any clogging at all. Right now I am somewhat patiently waiting for my new Micro Swiss NG to install on one of the bowden printers.