Hello from Newfoundland

Hello my name is Mario currently in Clarenville area. I’m using an Ender 3 Pro retrofitted with Btt SKR mini E3 v2 and BTT35 v3 with Octopi
Most of the filament used so far has been ESun PLA+ and PLA a bit of PETG.
I also like to design my own stuff in CAD.

Hi Mario

another user just yesterday and myself are from Nfld as well.

Welcome to the Forum

Look forward to seeing what your working on.


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Yes!! My printer has not stop since November!! LOL just ordered another 8kg of material.
Purchased a used 3D cad PC now im gone mad in my own designs!!
I only purchased the printer last year so I’m still learning but finally making progress with, I did however done a few upgrade to it.
I like this new forum very nice!!

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