Hello from North Bay, Ontario

Hi everyone! I purchased an Ender 5 Plus about a month ago and am loving it. :smiley: It is currently printing a full-sized helmet, so it’s been working non-stop for a few days now. After a while the sound of it printing becomes soothing.

Hope all is well and looking I forward to reading some of these introductions!

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Jason Harding

Hey Stefan021, glad to see another from North Bay :slight_smile:


Hey Rob, thanks! What kind of printer are you using? I’ve been printing steadily with my Ender 5 Plus, mostly creating holders for old video games to make my TV cabinet look a little cleaner.

I am currently using an ender 3 Pro and I am planning on getting another bigger one.

The kids and I want to make some Star Wars helmets, I’ve made a few on the ender 3 Pro but it is a bit of a pain gluing them together and having everything line up.

The helmets printed so far are Master Chief from Halo and a Mandalorian helmet

Nice! That’s the exact reason I purchased the 5 Plus - single print helmets and large objects. I’ve set up the printing of King Arthur’s crown from “Monty Python and the Holy Grail,” but haven’t yet reconciled myself to the 9 day printing time. lol

How are you gluing your pieces together? I’ve had a lot of luck using Gorilla glue or crazy glue and baking soda. It seems to make the adhesion that much stronger.

I’d like to see the crown… iconic

I’m trying different things, first I use super glue to hold the parts together then on the inside I cover the joint with 5min epoxy, I’ve seen some YouTube videos where they are using a soldering iron to melt the joints together, I plan on trying this in the future.

For filling the gaps and smoothing out the joints I’ve used wood filler and sandpaper, need to order some filler primer for the next step.

Nice. I never thoughts of using a soldering iron. I have a little 3D printing pen that works wonders for filling in gaps and fixing minor blemishes (and hiding connecting lines).

Sounds like you’re having a blast with your printer!