Hello From Northern New Brunswick

I have been in the 3D Printing hobby for about 1.5 Years. In that time, I have purchased 2 printers. I have an Ender 3 Pro, and a CR10 V3.
The ender was my first printer, and it is HEAVILY upgraded with every toy I could find. Much of my fun is the tinkering. On the other side of things is the CR10v3 which, other than some printed upgrades, a BLTouch kit, and creating my own firmware configuration from Marlin, it is pretty much stock.
I have created a lot of prints with Tinkercad to fill a need for certain specialty items.
Looking for anyone in the Northern NB area that would like to collaborate. I am in the Campbellton region.


Hello @sts41 ! I am in NS almost in the same neighbourhood… not really but hey you take my meaning. Welcome!

Welcome to the forum my friend sorry I’m in Hamilton Ontario but definitely an experienced in 3-D printing if you want to collaborate on anything let me know

Welcome sts41,
I am in the Moncton area but I am originally from north-east NB. I am glad to see other people on this forum no so far away. :slight_smile:

NS here too. Lived in Moncton a long time ago.