Hello from Ottawa :)

Let’s fill this thing here with some life :slight_smile:

I’m also from Ottawa! Nice to meet another Ottawan printer. What kind of 3D printer do you have?

Just got a Zonestar3D Z9M3 that I will convert into an M4 (4 in - 1 out). I also own a heavily tuned IDEX printer that I will sell shortly as I just do not have enough space to keep both :slight_smile: What kind of printer do you have?

Never heard of that printer before but it looks pretty awesome that you can use 3 colours. I have an ender 3, enjoy it a lot and it involves a fair bit of tinkering so I’ve learned a lot from it.

Just joined this forum. Have 3 - 3d printers all creality. CR20, CRX and CR10-Max. Been printing now for at least 3 years.

Yeah I should have started with the Zonestar one but I learned a LOT on my journey to improve the IDEX one. The Z9M3 included a single color printhead to make the start easier. They switched that idea to include the option to just close 3 of the 4 inputs on the 4 in - 1 out one so that you can play around with it and when you are ready you just open the rest of them up. I could not play around with it yet but want to start the build soon.

Welcome and nice selection of printers! I am mostly interested in printing multi-color but my end-goal would be to have the option to also print water soluble filaments. I am a bit afraid on testing that too soon as I am worried that it might be hard to clean the hotend if I mess up :wink: