Hemera on ender 5 plus

Hello everyone,

I was following the jason’s video below

Its super easy and super useful but unfortunately alot has changed on tiny machine’s version , am super new to everything but through a little bit of digging i managed everything up untill the very final part which is going on for weeks now

The 7z file for ender5 plus to flash the screen is no where to be found on the current files from github its the only step missing for me :cry::cry::cry: can anybody help please?

are you looking for screen firmware or control board firmware?

I know tiny machines locates them in 2 different places

Hey jason , am looking for the screen firmware as i cant locate it inside the folder provider by tiny machine on github

I know the screen firmware is a hard one to find, Here is the link
Middle of the screen right side is the download button, Then you need to unzip it

download button

Hello again , first of all thank you very very much for your support but if you can help me with this last problem , so when i choose ender5plus it doesnt change the environment to mega2560 in platformio and i do it manually but it failed so much times but i know why but i dont know how to fix it , it always give me the attached error

Function call is mow allowed in a constant expression

Hi @Marwan

That error is being generated from another file, Can you scroll up that list and see what it’s trying to compile or which file it’s ref when the error is generated?