Here is a good question

I have looked and never found an answer on this.

If filament is stored in a dry environment, sealed with desiccant, out of bright light, is there a shelf life on it? I ask mainly about PLA, but it would be good to know for all filaments.

my feeling is everything has usable life. I don’t know what that would be but just the fact there is a smell in the bag whenever you open it means there is still process going on with the composition and the filament is changing slightly.

Agree with everything has a life.
BUT, you can smell PLA? I may have to get my sniffer checked.
No, I don’t have the vid. LOL

I think you can. Open package or container and there is an odor thats isn’t the bag orcontainer. after its aired for a while. put it back in for a week and try again. And it’ll be back.

Not much of an answer, but I did find this.

PLA, like any other 3D printing filament, does indeed have a shelf life ranging from two months to two years when left exposed to the environment. PLA shelf life is highly influenced by the exposure of air moisture. When properly stored in air-tight containers with silica packets, PLA filament can possibly survive several more years.

Removing the moisture that it might absorb will bring it back to a certain extent.