Hey from St.Catharines

I’m from St.Catharines. I have 1 Ender 2, 1 Ender 3,
1 Cr10s, 1 Cr10S5, 1 Kingroon and 1 Elegoo Mars Pro.
Ive been printing for about 7 years now.

Excellent Logan

Which ones are your favorite?

Which is Mr/Mrs dependable?

Toss up between the Ender 2 and the S5.
Most dependable are the Ender 2 &3.

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Cool thanks, I’ve looked in to the Ender 2, never got the chance to buy one when they were around.

At that time i needed the larger volume of the Ender 3 Pro, and used my money on it instead.

Glad to hear it would have also been a great machine.