Hotend temp fluctuations

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So how much of a temperature swing do you find “normal”?

I did a bunch of PID tunes a month ago and took an average from that. But just started a temp tower and due to previous bad luck with my own temp towers, i decided to watch it more closley this time.

I noticed for a set temp of 220°C i was having a temp swing from 217°C to 222°C. Would this be a decent range for an insulated hotend? Or should i start looking into a backup heater cartridge/thermister and do another round of PID tunes?

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My V6 with a silicone boot is +/- 0.9C max right now. PID is such a rabbit-hole…

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It’s normal to get a swing initially when the nozzle gets up to temp, once it settles you shouldn’t be seeing a huge variance ± 1 degree but the amount of filament you push through will also cause the nozzle too swing in temp as well.

Staying on temp is the one thing my e3d v6 and Mk8 do very well. A spot of heat paste every 3 months on all hot end component parts (disassembly/reassembly) is my routine now.

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