Houston, I think we're gonna need a new thermister again

The filament appears to have reached up, through and then around a whole wire bundle that was tied with zip ties, and pulled it repeatedly enough times that it destroyed the shielding and broke the zip tie … and also by the looks of it yanked the little wires one thread at a time from the thermistor end heh. There’s still some wires attached, for what good it’s worth.

This printer really does hate me. It knows my Prusa is due Friday :wink:

ya, I hear ya @Gerk I hate those days, Stupid printer gremlins.

This printer has been an almost non-stop stream of them LOL. I’ve done more upgrades and fixes on this printer than I care to admit and I think it’s record for consecutive days without a massive failure is about 10 at this point.

Somebody has to get the bad one. Glad it wasn’t me.