I3 MKS+ build with my 15 yr old son, half way, maybe?

If you didn’t do this kinda thing all the time, this might be a challenge though. If I didn’t already have half a lifetime of overtightening and breaking things, I’m sure I’d be reprinting some parts.

Nice. Is that your prize printer?

Im still without a prusa mk3 but do like their quality control and how much of a workhorse they seem to be.

Since you saved on the printer are you going to go for the prusa enclosure?

Yeah, that’s the prize printer. Prob won’t go for an enclosure and time soon though


I dont blame you. Unless your playing with nylon, kinda seems like an effort. And the prusa one is pricey.

Though id like to ask a pic of your first print from it :smiley:

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Thanks awesome. my dad was doing things like that when I was your sons age some of my best memories

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Little bit of stringing but overall successful build!