Is Prusa still going to remain the king of 2021

Personal time and upgrades or needless repairs are never taken into consideration (same as people wanting something designed for them but think they will only pay for the printed items).

I just did. I wanted to print my designs not play with the printer.

You are saying it’s ok to buy a brand new car and spend a month working on it to drive it home?

As the saying goes time is money. This is my original point if you are buying a printer as a toy to play with it is ok. If you are buying a tool fixing the tool before you can use it is an issue. The times are changing from toys to tools.

Your own example I’d say it is like paying for a printable design and getting a design that isn’t watertight and needs to be redesigned to print.

We should just agree to disagree. I am far too frustrated with my personal situation of the X1. It cost me my time.


I think you misinterpreted what TLW3D was saying. I think he was saying that people generally don’t factor in personal time and upgrades or needless repairs into the cost of the printer, but should.

I think he was also saying that people ask for designs but don’t think about the time and effort it takes to design something.

I believe he was more or less agreeing with you.

TLW3D, please correct me if I am wrong.

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@MajorOCD I clearly did not read it that way. I have been so frustrated with my X1 I now have a ‘sore spot’ for this topic.

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You are Correct sir.

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@TLW3D I am sorry I misread your post.

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No worries… All good…


I’m not a fan of the artillery printers at all never did like them they have ribbon cables everywhere and bed cables that fail

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prusa is a great printer they print amazing they definitely need all metal heat brakes installed would be nice if they came out with a hot and assembly that was a little more easier to work on not to say that it’s that hard if you’re experienced it’s just quite a bit to do to get the V6 out especially for beginners

I think the key thing here is that there are two distinct classes of printers for two distinct markets. The hobbyist market, where people don’t generally care if something is only 95% perfect and where time isn’t really money will be happy with a cheaper printer as long as it works reasonably well. They’re hobbyists: they have the time to tweak it to make it better.

The other market is the (semi) professional market wherein people make things to sell. Noticeable flaws can make things unsaleable and printer downtime impacts profit.

When you’re asking if Prusa will remain king, you need to be asking: king of which market?

I have no doubt Creality will dominate the hobbyist market because their printers are good enough to be reasonably reliable and produce reasonable quality prints, but if I was running a business, I’d tend to lean toward Prusa. If the printer needs to be your workhorse, you spend more.

you should check out the voron 2.4 it comes with all the hardware you need and a raspberry Pi it’s 10 times the printer a prusa is and cheaper corexy machine the bed doesn’t even move all on belts and linear rails

How is this cheaper than a Prusa? It’s a kit. And the cheapest model is $779.00 and shipping is $98.73. That’s $877.73.
The Original Prusa i3 MK3S+ kit is $749.00 and shipping is $49.61. That’s $798.61.

The fully assembled one is $999.00 + shipping.

Thanks for this … it’s very interesting… I guess I’d better get that ABS working heh

Looks like the Voron is a core XY printer with all linear rails. I don’t think they were going for cheap as a goal

I like thier concept of building a custom machine and giving you the BOM.

okay so it’s a little bit more but it’s 10 times the printer prusa is in my opinion. remember this is just my opinion and definitely open for discussion and debate