Joining/Combining Objects using contour spiralizing

i have some successes in spiralizing contour mode ( aka “vase-mode”) that i desire to join/combine;
for example; a print A in spiral, then in another model, “invert A” (and maybe rotate) and then join the two; one on top of the other ’
as mirror objects the dimensions should align and homing everything , in theory, s/b good-to-go;
here is the core of my question(s):
i assume that object A would be printed with no top;
i assume that object “Invert-A” would also be printed with no top ( and no bed adhesion, such as brim)
and also no bottom;
ok, let’s say i can combine the objects in meshmixer and everything looks decent, then import as a single model into Cura and bang away;
do i have to pay attention to initial layers on that “invert-A” piece if i started all this in cura OR
will the resultant single combined model coming from meshmixer only have initial layer considerations for the composite model ?
any considerations i need for the “joining layers” between the erstwhile separate models ?
anything else i need factor in ?
( for sure i will print a much smaller version for proof-of-concept before assessing and perhaps going big )